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AM-CME is specialized in the production and supply of high quality steel products in the field of parts for industrial equipment and engineering. The company started in 1998 as a company with 3 employees and step by step the company has evolved from a precision parts manufacturer to a supplier of complete project solutions.

The guarantee of a continuous growth of the company is competent project management in connection with qualified production management and fast response to the new demands of the market, by productive production methods, and, last but not least, reliable quality assurance.

Experienced engineers and technicians, as well as highly qualified professionals in the production and continuous adaptation to the market demands are the basis of our work, which is, indeed, primarily focused on the customer.

Our development in both fields (manufacturing of parts for industrial equipment and engineering) aims from a single product to the complete solution. Our technically – organisational know-how and competency make us a strong partner for our honoured customers. 

Our products have a worldwide use. Waste incinerators on Hawaii, manufacturing of pipes in the USA, water power plant in Canada, metallurgy in Argentina, oil platforms by New Zealand and Norway, gold mines in South Africa, aircraft manufacturing in China, aircraft engine test equipment in Belgium, France and Poland, offshore wind turbine blade manipulators (length 78m), and various products in Russia, China, India, Middle East, and, of course, all around Europe. At all these places, you may find products delivered by the AM-CME company.

We concentrate on individual tasks, repeated tasks, special solutions, and low-series production. Upon request, we gladly provide consultations to our partners even still in the development phase in the field of efficient production.