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In the production area, our company covers a wide range of services. In our own operations, or at our audited partners, we produce:

  • special steel structures
  • large and small non-machined weldments up to the mass of 80 t
  • weldments weighing up to 25 tons, machined on boring machines
  • frames and stands
  • welded, casted or forged precision parts
  • turned, milled, or grinded parts

 We have rebuilt our production in Strojirna Sobeslav (Sobeslav Machinery) since 2008, from a factory equipped with classic machines to a modern factory with CNC machines and devices. Of course, the precision of the production is 0,01 mm and the facility is equipped with appropriate measuring devices. Among others, we are equipped by a 3D-measuring device (Zeiss) in the air conditioned space.