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Technical possibilities

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  • Technical possibilities

AM-CME covers a wide range of production possibilities: Manufacturing of parts for industrial equipment, including construction and installation, welding of large structures, with or without machining, manufacturing of special machinery and equipment according to the documentation from the customer, precision parts manufacturing.

We can cover the following areas partially by our own production, or in collaboration with audited partners:


  • weldments up to the total weight of 80 t and a height under a crane up to 8 m, including professional sanding and varnishing.

Machining on the horizontal boring machine

  • from x = 500 mm and y = 500 mm to x = 10 m and y = 3,5 m
  • max. weight of the part 25 t
  • machining with precision up to ±0,01 mm (dimensional tolerances ) – according to the size of the parts, distance of the holes up to 0,02 (geometrical tolerance ) parallelism and perpendicularity of the surfaces

Planing and a milling on portal milling machines

  • up to the length of 10 m and with of 3 m

CNC – Machining centres

  • vertical machining centre up to x = 2000 mm and y = 800 mm


  • CNC turning up to Ø 500 mm and length up to 1500 mm
  • turning on the vertical lathes from Ø 500mm to Ø 4500 mm
  • turning on the conventional machines up to Ø 650 mm, length up to 6000 mm


  • flat and round grinding – inner and outer diameters

Production of gearing

  • milling, slotting, grinding

Sheet metal processing

  • bending up to 6 m
  • rolling
  • processing of thin metal sheets ( thickness 1 - 3 mm )

Laser and water jet cutting

  • up to 6 m of length Heat treatment and surface treatment