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Na realizaci projektu "Inovace výroby speciálně tvarovaného potrubí" jsou poskytnuty finanční prostředky z rozpočtu statutárního města Plzně.


  • we delivered to our customer another special steel structure for the aircraft engine testing facility near Paris 
  • delivery of conveyor equipment for the transportations and cooling of material for manufacturing of wire in Germany. There were over 500 t of steel and over 1.8 km of the continuous cast iron processed on this assignment


AM-CME implemented quality management system according to CSN EN ISO 9001:2009


We received a large order for the delivery of complete equipment of the new facility of our important client for manipulation equipment. It is the biggest order in the history of our company.


A new CNC boring machine with x= 3 000 mm, y = 2 000 mm, z = 1 400 mm, w = 700 mm, spindle Ø 130 mm was put in operation in Sobeslav.


A new vertical centre with 4 axes x = 1 200 mm, y = 600 mm was put in operation in Sobeslav.


  • a new CNC boring centre with x = 3 000 mm, y = 2 000 mm, z = 1 400 mm, w = 700 mm, spindle Ø 130 mm was put in operation
  • in 2014, we delivered single purpose machines, conveyors, and auxiliary devices in the amount of over € 4 mil.


Finalizing a large order – testing facility for aircraft engines in Belgium. AM-CME has delivered and installed a special structure to a full satisfaction of the customer.


  • in the field of single purpose machinery, conveyors, and auxiliary devices, we have increased the turnover to € 3,5 mil.
  • a CNC boring centre with s x = 2 000 mm, y = 1 700 mm a z = 1 240 mm, spindle Ø 110 mm was put in operation.


A CNC boring centre was put in operation in Sobeslav, with x = 4 500 mm, y = 2 600 mm, z = 1 400 mm, w = 700 mm.


Our company received the first large order in the amount over € 1 mil. for the delivery of conveyors for the steel bar manufacturing plant in India.