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Equipment for waste incinerators, power, and offshore

For more than 15 years, we have been supplying large welded / preassembled parts including hydraulics for waste incinerators. This includes chutes (80 t), slag removers, equipment for ash removal and other equipment. These parts are supplied to most European countries. For customers in the field of power engineering and environment, we supply various welded parts, machined or non-machined, rope drums, as well as pre-assembled manufacturing assemblies. For example, a sets for hydroelectric power plants, coal plants, biogas processing facilities etc.

A very interesting area is manufacturing and assembly of parts and equipment for the offshore field. This category includes welded parts, such as special containers, special steel structures etc., which we supply with the verification of quality according to the Norwegian standard (Norsok), as well as other parts for replacement of boring rods, clamps, frames, etc.